JSRT Database Request Form


This form provides access to the JSRT database developed by the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology. Although the JSRT database is released free of charge, the JSRT database is not in the public domain. Therefore, please do not distribute any of the images in the JSRT database and do not use the JSRT database for any commercial purposes.

Important note about confidentiality

We keep a list of all of our users in order to be able to inform them about problems and updates (which is essential to ensure the quality of research done with our image database) and also to understand what are the fields of the scientists interested in our database. This information is kept strictly confidential and will never be sold or made available to outside organizations or individuals.


Although the JSRT database has been carefully tested and the information and documentation provided by this web site thoroughly checked, neither the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology nor any of the individuals (present or past) who participated in the development of the JSRT database are responsible for any errors or for any damages that may result from the JSRT database.

All of the fields are REQUIRED because the password for logging on to the web site to download the JSRT database will be emailed to you; moreover, we need it to notify you of updates and bugs. Please read the IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CONFIDENTIALITY above.

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User name (3 to 20 letters):jshira, hana0920
Last Name Shiraishi, Yamada
First Name Junji, Hanako
Subspeciality Radiologist Medical doctor Radiological Technologist
Computer scientist

Type of Institution General Hospital University Hospital University
Laboratory Company Government